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We stock many of the pharmaceuticals your pet may need. This includes heartworm preventative, flea and tick products, supplements, commonly prescribed medications, prescription food and shampoos. You may access our refill request form online and receive an email when it is ready to be picked up.

However, our affiliation with VetSource allows us to expand our inventory with products that ARE guaranteed by the manufacturer unlike other online companies. The manufacturer’s guarantee is very important. For example, many heartworm products are backed by a guarantee that they will prevent heartworm and certain intestinal parasites. If an animal is diagnosed with parasites while on their product, companies will pay for the treatment.

If these products are obtained through unlicensed internet pharmacies the companies will not stand behind the product guarantee. Treatment can be costly and using products obtained through these pharmacies may mean more frequent heartworm and fecal sample testing for your pet.

VetSource allows us more options for medicating your pet including a compounding pharmacy or other special needs like allergies. Many medications can be produced as liquids or soft treats in a variety of flavors. VetSource is an easy online option for you and your pet with shipping to your home. Ask us how to get started or click the link.

Internet Pharmacy Policy:

Some Internet sites have been prosecuted for selling medications not approved by the FDA. There have also been concerns regarding improper storage of vaccines and medications at temperatures which could damage the products.

Our internet pharmacy policy insures that you receive only the correct, quality-assured medication that we have prescribed for your pet. Due to the hazards associated with improper manufacturing and storage of pharmaceuticals and the lack of a guarantee, we cannot fax or call in any prescriptions to online pharmacies. We will provide you with a written prescription when necessary or you can order through our online portal where we know the products are guaranteed.

In establishing this policy, our goal is to make it convenient, safe and economical to obtain your pet’s medication and to safeguard your pet’s health from the purchase of substandard products. We work with several legitimate pharmacies to provide the necessary medications.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (603) 625-2378.