Cat & Dog Pain Relief
in Manchester, NH



is one of our top priorities here at Best Friends Animal Hospital.

Nobody wants their pet to be in pain, but unfortunately, all pets experience it at some point in their lives. It might be after surgery or as a result of arthritis or an injury. Pain can also be a side effect of health conditions like dental disease or an ear infection. The good news is, there are several ways to manage pain. In alignment with our goal of helping our patients have healthy, comfortable lives through every life stage, Best Friends Animal Hospital places a strong emphasis on pain management.

After every surgical procedure we perform, we send home pain medications as well as instructions for how to administer it. Some medications are in tablet form while others are in liquid form. We also offer laser therapy to treat painful conditions like wounds, fractures, hip dysplasia, sprains, and a number of other conditions with no side effects. Visit our Medical Services page to learn more.

Acute Pain Vs. Chronic Pain

Just as with humans, there are two forms of pain in pets: acute and chronic. Acute pain is caused by surgery, an injury, or a similar condition. It comes on quickly and lasts for short amount of time. However, it can still cause issues like immobility, in addition to the obvious unpleasant discomfort, which can cause some pets to behave aggressively. Some pets also hide when they’re in pain. Acute pain can usually be treated with pain medication or laser therapy, depending on the cause.

On the other end of the spectrum is chronic pain, which often develops gradually. Unlike acute pain, it can last weeks or even months. It can also be inconsistent for some pets or constant for others. And because chronic pain doesn’t come on suddenly, it may be difficult to identify whether or not an animal is experiencing chronic pain. Plus, pets can develop a tolerance to chronic pain if not caught and treated, but it’s still uncomfortable. This type of pain occurs as the result of conditions like arthritis or bone disease.

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